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This type of solo performance is a unique experience.  Each show performed is vastly different from the next with a song list of over 350 songs ranging from oldies, to classic rock, to country, to today's hits and everything in between.  No show is ever prepared or scripted ahead of time allowing for  requests and trying songs for the first time live without ever learning them.

From birthdays to graduations, to  Communions, to Christmas 

parties, music is essential in making your party great!  Choose music from a solo, duo or trio act as well as a full 4-5 piece band to accommodate any size party.  This type of entertainment is great for background music to set the mood, or upbeat music to get everyone on their feet!

From instrumental piano music for wedding ceremonies, background music for cocktail hours, or upbeat dancing music for wedding receptions, find great music here. Get music tailored to your specific style and taste, guaranteed to make your special day memorable.

Ole Tapas Bar

Suffern, NY, 8/19/17

40th Birthday Party

Monroe, NY, 1/19/18

Wedding Cocktail

Massapequa NY, 9/29/18

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